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The pandemic has shown that the times where client meetings had to be carried out entirely in person are long gone. These types of tools allow to improve constant communication with buyers and sellers without excuses of time and space. All it takes is screen sharing.

Direct contact channels

Due to the situation, direct consultation channels such as WhatsApp or Messenger have taken on great importance and relevance for the process of buying an apartment. By these means, it is much easier and safer to ask your questions after taking the virtual tour and analyzing the characteristics of the property.

We remind you that in all our projects for sale we have the option for you to write to us and we can solve your doubts quickly.

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Virtual tours

It gives you the possibility to project the lifestyle that you will have if you buy one of our apartments. It gives you the opportunity to move around the entire apartment and common areas, so you can better imagine the space and distribution of each environment.

Virtual room

It is a tool that sales consultants use to show you that apartment that you liked so much through virtual tours from the comfort of your home. Today that one goes out only for special occasions, we give you the option to visit real pilot apartments and in 3D, from this virtual room. And also, you can leave your data so that an advisor can contact you and make an appointment so that you can solve all your doubts.

There are more and more instruments or tools that facilitate the difficult task of acquiring an apartment without having to leave the connection from the laptop, tablet, or mobile phone from home. Now is the time to show you the best real estate projects on the market.

Are you looking for the ideal apartment?

At V&V Grupo Inmobiliario we want to help you find the ideal apartment. Therefore, we would like to know you a little more to clarify all your doubts. If you want more information, CONTACT US or if you like you can visit our virtual sales room and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Find the apartment that you were looking for so much

EL SOL 170 – Do you want to live in an apartment in Barranco?

With 1- and 2-bedroom apartments, from 40 m² to 60 m², this project under construction offers you the opportunity to be inspired by Barranco’s own culture. In addition to being in a magical and artistic urban environment, you will be close to exclusive restaurants, parks, and roads with easy access to other central points of the city.

Address: Av. El Sol 170, Barranco.

LARCO 791 – Do you want to live in an apartment in Miraflores?

LARCO 791 is one of our most recent projects. Currently, it is in a pre-sale stage, do not miss the opportunity to move to one of the best districts of our capital. This mixed building (home + Moxy by Marriott hotel) has 1- and 2-bedroom apartments from 60 m² to 78 m² with common areas on the first and last levels. In addition, it is LEED certified.

Address: Av. Larco 791, Miraflores.

CARRIQUIRY 894 – Do you want to live in an apartment in San Isidro?

This project is in a pre-sale stage. It has 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom apartments from 44 m² to 119 m². Close to easy access roads and with the Green Bond (Bono Verde) certification, our building will have common areas on the 1st and last level, an infinity pool, commercial premises, a beautiful coworking space to telecommute efficiently and much more.

Address: Av. Carriquiry 894, San Isidro.

SAN FERNANDO 230 – Do you want to live in an apartment in Miraflores?

Our project has 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms from 100 m² to 200 m² with fine finishes, Kohler faucets and Shihuahuaco wood floors near easy access roads makes it one of the most interesting options. In addition, it has a specific space for guests and bicycles and a double ramp for parking.

Address: Calle San Fernando 230, Miraflores.