Choose the right plants:

When choosing plants for your balcony, you need to take into account the climate and conditions of the place where you live. If you are in a windy place, you may need to choose more resistant plants. There are plants that are normally used on balconies, such as aromatic herbs, geraniums, ferns and begonias.

Play with the light of your balcony:

A fundamental factor when choosing which plants to place is the amount of light your balcony receives. Some plants need more sun than others, so they should be placed in a place where they receive an adequate amount of sunlight, while those that prefer shade can be placed in a more protected place.

Use pots for your plants:

Pots and/or containers can be a great way to add a splash of color and style to your balcony. The pots can be of different colors and sizes to suit your personal tastes.

Take good care of your plants:

To keep your plants healthy, you need to make sure you water them regularly and provide them with the right amount of sunlight. It is also important to make sure the plants are in pots with good drainage to avoid excess water.