The location

It is one of the most relevant factors when selling a property. Being within an area of high demand, access and proximity to services such as schools, shopping centers, bus stops, hospitals, among others increase its attractiveness.

Strategic improvements

Make the most of the square meters of your property, add bathrooms, bedrooms, study rooms, among others. Another point that you must take into account is the improvement of electrical efficiency, installing thermostats or other devices that generate less expense in the future and comfort to those who will acquire the property.

Commitment to sustainability

Having energy-saving appliances and bulbs that generate sustainable lighting are two elements that increase the attractiveness of your property, without the need to make large investments.

Hire professionals in the real estate sector

If you consider it necessary, you can consult with specialists to increase the value of your property. They will give you a broader view and tips to get a higher return on investment in your next sale.