Minimalist and sober

One of the trends of 2022 comes from the hand of neutral and relaxing colors. Decorate your new apartment with a sober and traditional decoration inspired by Nordic color palettes such as whites, grays and creams. These colors will bring seriousness and avant-garde to your spaces.

Although, if what you are looking for is not to leave aside the textures, we advise you to use pale brown tones or wooden furniture.

Vibrant and risky

May your home breathe your style! Make strong and warm colors such as wine or orange predominate next to neutrals, so that they can absorb part of all that intensity.

On the other hand, saturated earth colors with a predominant neutral gray or polished cement is all you need to have an environment that conveys luxury and simplicity.

Is nature your thing?

Maybe you’re thinking of something greener and more natural to decorate your apartment. Here, at V&V real estate we propose an option that will fit perfectly for your new property in any of our real estate projects.

Eco-trends  are based on rebirth,hope and coming into contact withnature. Using a suitable wallpaper you can generate a background with a more organic texture to capture your new seasonal decoration; this element is much more versatile and is at a comfortable price.

Although this trend does justify more elements than the previous ones, you should not abuse them. Some large elements such as ceramic pots or tables with objects that tend to the natural will also be a good choice.

Decorate your new apartment under these tips and always stay ahead of the curve in your home.