Eliminates odor on carpets and upholstery

One of the elements that is most often impregnated in a home, is the smell of cigarettes, and to remove it, we recommend using white vinegar or ammonia in the area with the highest odor, making it act as a neutralizer. Finally, try to always keep carpets and furniture ventilated for best results.

Eliminate the smell left by your pets

Baking soda is perfect for this occasion, because it will absorb the different odors left by the conceited in the house. If your pet loves to lie on certain surfaces such as carpet or furniture, a great tip is to let the baking soda rest for 15 minutes, and then use the vacuum cleaner or a mop. On the other hand, if your pet urinates in your apartment, first clean with newspaper and then pour baking soda with water.

Eliminates odor from rooms

To obtain a more pleasant smell in your apartment, a perfect alternative is aromatic products, such as candles, oils or air fresheners. To do this, a tip to eliminate these odors, is to place drops of aromatic oils in the spotlights, so that when the lights are on, they evaporate spreading their smell throughout the room.