Advantages of the common areas of an apartment building


Outdoor areas

The terraces, swimming pools, barbecue areas, patios and playgrounds for children are ideal to share with your family and relax outdoors. They can be found on the first level as well as on the last level of the apartment building. They are ideal for families with small children or pets, as it allows them to play, meet other children and most importantly, stay safe.

Multipurpose rooms

This can be one of the most relevant advantages. There are some important dates like birthdays and anniversaries that you wish to invite more friends, but sometimes the space in the apartment is not enough. Having these spaces inside the building will allow you to invite more friends and change environments.


Among the common areas of an apartment building, the gym has become mandatory. People seek to develop their healthy lifestyle linked to sports activity. Gyms contribute to the good living of residents with more comfortable, safe, and functional places.

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Parking for bicycles

Today, the use of bicycles is one of the most ecological and healthy ways to be able to move around the city. For this reason, within the common areas of a building there are also exclusive parking spaces for bicycles that will allow you to store your bicycle in a safe space.


Currently, there are more projects that include a coworking space among their social areas. It allows you to change the environment, hold meetings, meet other professionals, and telecommute in the best way.


Not all apartment buildings have this space. However, little by little it is becoming one of the requirements for many families, especially with young children.

As you have noticed, the common areas are diverse and bring different advantages for your lifestyle. Below we will show you some of our projects that have these areas.

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Discover other of our projects

CARRIQUIRY 894 – Apartments for sale in San Isidro

This project is in a pre-sale stage. It has 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom apartments from 44 m² to 119 m². Close to easy access roads and with the Green Bond (Bono Verde) certification, our building will have common areas on the 1st and last level, an infinity pool, commercial premises, a beautiful coworking space to carry out teleworking efficiently and much more. Address: Av. Carriquiry 894, San Isidro.

ALIAGA 650 – Apartments for sale in Magdalena

It is a project that has the Green Bond (Bono Verde) certification with 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom apartments from 44 m² to 103 m², an internal central park, large common areas on the first and last levels, bike parking and much more. In addition, it has a large and equipped coworking space to carry out all your activities with no problems. Address: Av. Juan de Aliaga 650, Magdalena.

GRIMALDO 430 – Apartments in Miraflores

This beautiful and modern project offers apartments from 60 m² to 163 m² with 2 and 3 bedrooms close to easy access roads with parking for bicycles, a double height lobby, swimming pool, gym, barbecue area, meeting room and LEED certification. Address: Calle Grimaldo del Solar 430, Miraflores.

ARAMBURÚ 836 – Apartments for sale in Surquillo

This project has 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom apartments from 40 m² to 68 m² close to easy access roads with large common areas on the first and last levels. In addition, it has an infinity pool, commercial premises on the first level and a Green Bond (Bono Verde) certification. Address: Av. Andrés Aramburú 836, Surquillo.