Prepare the department

An important step before bidding on your apartment is to prepare it properly to be attractive to the tenant. Start by painting the walls as it will be the first thing they see when they visit. Although you have taken good care of your property there are always  marks of furniture or for the same constant use; that could disappear with a pair of hands of paint. Also, be sure to check that there is no water or gas leak, you will not want to have a major problem in the future. Finally, decide if you want to rent furnished or empty. If it is the first option, buy all the furniture with time to make it much more charming for future tenants.

Set the price

Once the apartment is prepared, it is time to put the rental price. For this, there are several factors to consider. First, you should know that the location of the building will directly influence. Also, keep in mind if the project has social areas and if the apartment has an exterior or interior view. To give you a general idea of the prices, give yourself the time to ask in apartments similar to yours and in the same district. Finally, put a minimum and maximum price in which you will handle.

Draw up a suitable contract

At this point, we recommend turning to a professional who is familiar with making leases. In which the obligations of each of the parties are very clear, through clauses. It includes the payment conditions, the due dates, moving processes, number of people who will live in the property and also if you will accept pets. Everything should be specified in the contract and subsequently legalized in a notary’s office.

Remember to give the necessary time to the search and evaluation of the tenant of your apartment. Since only in this way, you can avoid long-term problems or even an extra expense.