Colors and location

If you have the opportunity to choose which room will be for the baby, keep in mind that this should be little noisy and at the same time have enough ventilation. Do not forget that you should alsoreceive natural light.

Now, with regard to colors, you should not necessarily wait until you know the sex of your baby, since now the clear and neutral are a practical decision that helps illuminate the room. Complement the color of the room with vinylor children’s stickers to give it a little more life and personality.


Start with the choice of the crib, this should be as safe and comfortable as possible. The size will depend a lot on how big the room is, always keeping in mind that, at some point, it will become a bed. For now most of the space will be for the crib and chest of drawers. The smartest thing is that you opt for one that also works as a changer since that will be the most recurrent action when it is born. Finally, the lactation area. We refer to this space made up of a rocking chair and cozy mainly for you.


One that should not be missing is the one that hangs above the crib, usually quite colorful and playful. This toy helps to develop the sense of observation and attention span of your bebé; in addition to being quite useful to calm and put him to sleep. Of course, safety above all; for this reason remember to hold this mobile toy very well so that no accident happens.


A soft carpet, in addition to completing the warm decoration of the room, will also be ideal for when your baby starts crawling. We recommend you to buy carpets with natural cotton fibers, those are characterized by being soft, washable and resistantto heat.