Real Estate Pre-Sales

This is one of the alternatives that has become the favorite of many young investors, as it offers them the possibility of investing in a property before its construction, at a very good price and without interest. In addition, as one of the first people to acquire the property, you can have the possibility of participating in the choice of finishes, such as the floor, the location or the views. However, although real estate pre-sales are an option that presents you with flexible financing, it is advisable to go and consult banks about what would be the best option according to the buyer’s profile and needs.

Purchases of co-properties

Thanks to this option, the lack of money is no longer a problem for young investors who want to venture into the real estate world, as it allows them to get a property by sharing expenses with someone else. Of course, if you want to opt for this alternative, it is recommended that it be done with a person you trust, to avoid problems with money in the future.

Property Tokenization

Before touching on this item, it is necessary to know that a token is a unit used as a form of payment in a specific digital environment or platform. However, it is understood that the tokenization of properties consists of investing in them through cryptocurrencies supported by blockchain. The reason why it has had an impact on real estate, especially on young investors, is the accessibility it offers to buy and sell properties without having to involve banks.

Real Estate Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is an innovative alternative that has gained popularity in recent years for democratizing the real estate market. This option attracts investors of different ages online and invites them to acquire a property, either in its entirety or in shared parts. In addition, crowdfunding has digital platforms aimed at creating open calls and attracting investors to create a common fund to invest in real estate projects of the present and future.