Identification of both signatories:

This part  of the contract must include the full name and identification number (DNI) of the owner and tenant.

Legitimacy of the property:

Here should be detailed points such as: The exact location  of the property, who owns it and the complete information of the registration of the property.

Reason for the contract:

This section must specify the reason  for the contract and the duration for which it is valid. It is advisable to mention the details and conditions for its renewal.

Value of the monthly rent:

The contract must  specify the monthly amount to be paid  for the rental of  the property and the form of payment for which this must be made. Among other points to detail should include bank account numbers, currency types, payment methods and amount to be paid by guarantee.

Delay clause

Another important point is the inclusion of an agreement that indicates the measures to be taken in case the tenant does not respect the pre-established payment dates. These usually include penalties or penalties.

Maintenance fees and taxes

Every lease must  include in it what are the services that must be assumed by each party, and in the same way, how the payments of taxes and tributes generated by the property will be assumed.

Property inventory

To avoid inconveniences between the parties, it is recommended that  the  lease mentions whether or not the  property has furniture, as well as the recommendations and improvements related to these.

Search clause and other details

According to law 30201, this is the way in which the tenant must declare that he will return  the property once the contract ends. This should include the reasons why it is terminated, for example: Failure to pay, property damage, inappropriate behavior, among others.

Signature of both parties

This action must be performed on all sheets of the contract by  both parties by means of a handwritten or electronic signature. As a security measure, it is recommended that no spaces are left when signing, as this may allow words to be appended.