What is LEED certification?

The LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certification is for real estate projects. Its objective is to establish a recognized guide for the design of green buildings, giving added value to the project and stimulating sustainable building.

Created by the US Green Building Council in 1993, with the purpose of promoting the development of sustainable and energy efficient buildings, this certification aims to reward the use of sustainable strategies in all construction processes of the real estate project. From the use of materials, water management, energy control to the creation of eco-friendly environments.

The simple fact of knowing that a building has this certification clearly indicates that its design, construction, and maintenance is carried out with the highest quality standards, benefiting both the environment and its owners.

Benefits of LEED certification

Increase in the value of the building in the market

It is estimated that meeting the LEED certification standards generates savings of 30% to 70% in energy consumption, 30% to 50% in water consumption and reduces waste from apartments by up to 90%. All this in the end translates into monetary savings and an increasingly green lifestyle, which adds value to the property.

Better water and energy conservation

LEED-certified apartment buildings consume on average 25% less energy and 7% less water than other projects, also minimizing CO2 emissions by approximately 34%. You will see these advantages reflected in your monthly expenses.

Safer and healthier

Now that we spend much of our time inside buildings, we are more aware of how important it is to have quality air circulation and other essential factors. That is why LEED encourages the implementation of strategies that improve air quality, natural lighting, exterior views, and acoustics improvements. This creates healthier spaces for homeowners with cleaner air, free of harmful chemicals, and great access to natural light.

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A better environment

LEED certified buildings have an overall positive impact on the environment. By using alternative sources such as solar, wind, and others, some green apartments further reduce our dependence on conventional energy.

Perfect! Now you know what LEED means and all the benefits that this certification offers you. Next, we will show you our project that holds this certification.

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Discover other of our projects

GRIMALDO 430 – Apartments for sale in Miraflores

Our project of apartments


It has the international LEED certification, since it meets all sustainability standards to improve the quality of life of the owners and the environment.

Likewise, this project, at 430 Grimaldo del Solar Street, Miraflores, has apartments from 60 m² to 163 m² with 2 and 3 bedrooms close to easy access roads with parking for bicycles, a double-height lobby, swimming pool, gym, barbecue area, meeting room and much more.

In addition, of the main features of environmental sustainability of this project also you will have:

  1. More than 20% of green areas.
  2. LED lighting.
  3. Motion sensors for energy saving.
  4. Gray water treatment for irrigation of green areas.
  5. Low water consumption toilets and taps.
  6. Solar panels that supply energy to our common areas.