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It is no secret that the real estate business has experienced great growth in the last decade. However, in the last two years this growth has slowed, leaving thousands of properties on offer without being placed at the national level.

But how does this reality affect those who are looking for a property to use in the generation of income through the modality of rent?

Not all departments in Lima are bought to inhabit them

One of the most popular activities among domestic and foreign investors is to buy real estate, capitalize them and offer them for rent to third parties.
And it is because the rent of apartments was always considered as extra important income and even as a way of life in the major leagues of real estate investment.
This economic activity has generated the creation in turn of companies that manage the rent of several departments, especially when it comes to owners of several properties.

luxury apartment off the coast of Lima, VyV

Are renting apartments in Lima still profitable?


Despite slower real estate growth in recent months, experts say investing in a luxury apartment and then renting it remains a good strategy.

It is necessary, however, to investigate in detail each of the projects in which you are interested, in order to be able to make the most appropriate decision and get the most out of it, translated into a profitability maintained over time.

How to find the apartment in Lima ideal for rent?


To know which type of apartments are the ones that have the best chances of being rented quickly, we must take into account several factors.

The first thing is to define what kind of tenant you need to focus your department on, whether to embassy personnel, provincial residents who come to Lima to study or work, officials, foreign families, etc.

Once this is defined, you must adapt your profile to the type of department that best suits you. Other topics that you must take into account are the economic situation, to know if it is a good time or not to rent, and a very sensitive aspect: the location.

luxury apartment off the coast of Lima, VyV


The tourism sector


If we focus on tourists as renters, we will find that a good group of them look for exclusive buildings and near the Lima Sea to enjoy the sea breeze, be near the most elegant and modern shopping centers and have one of the biggest entertainment centers just a few blocks away.

If your objective is to rent luxury apartments to foreigners, V&V Grupo Inmobiliario has projects like Acacias, an apartment building and luxury penthouses on the Miraflores Malecon.

As you can see, renting apartments can be a very profitable economic activity even in these times, and if it is a department in our building Acacias, your profitability will be assured.

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