This space has become key and indispensable for families, much more if the home office will continue to be part of their life for a long time. The importance of being able to have a space equipped with adequate furniture, internet, but above all with the atmosphere of calm and silence that is needed to be concentrated and improve productivity when working, today has become a must.

Pet zone

One of the main insights identified during the pandemic and that has remained for posterity, is the increase in adoption or acquisition of pets. Mainly from people who during isolation had to live alone. That is why  ahora, when looking for their own option to live, they take into account that the real estate project has areas destined for their conceited.

Swimming pool

Although it is still cold in the city, a real estate project with a poolattracts a lot of attention because it is known that when summer arrives it will be excellent to have one where you can spend your days or that allows you to cool off from the heat. But not only that, because a pool is also perfect for the little ones, in case you havechildren.

Barbecue area or gourmet room

Special celebrations are inevitable. Whether it’s for a birthday or a key date, it’s normal to want to count on your whole family so you can celebrate together. However, most of the time your departamento is small, so the need to have a space that allows you to gather your loved ones to share in harmony is born. V&V real estate, thinking about it offers gourmet rooms or barbecue areas for these moments of union.