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 Jesus Maria

This district has always been one of the favorites to live in Modern Lima. Due to the large number of green areas and its excellent location, it is a highly desired place for future buyers. It borders Pueblo Libre, Magdalena del Mar, Lince, San Isidro, downtown Lima and has direct access to the beach circuit, which facilitates transportation to other parts of the city.

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It has always been one of the best districts to live in Modern Lima. It offers its neighbors a great variety of parks, tourist attractions, modern shopping centers and a constant cultural life. Another of its interesting aspects is that it borders the Pacific Ocean, it allows you to access the beach circuit and an uninterrupted boardwalk of beautiful parks and green areas that beautifies its coasts.

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San Isidro

Undoubtedly one of the most demanded districts when buying an apartment in Lima. Its large urban development with residences, multi-family buildings, parks, bicycle lanes, shopping and financial centers makes it a unique and highly desirable district for many future buyers.

Living in San Isidro offers you a bit of everything. For starters, it borders the ocean, so it offers you a lifestyle close to the sea. Also, it has a good amount of green areas such as El Olivar (the oldest in Lima). Finally, it has a dynamic financial area, as well as a large residential area.

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This is the district where many young people choose to live. What is the reason? The district is characterized by having a bohemian, relaxed and picturesque style, with colorful facades. In addition, it is full of clubs, restaurants and bars that fill the nights with music and fun.

Despite not being the largest and most connected district in Lima, it has progressively increased its real estate proposals, which is why apartment projects in the area are increasing. We recommend that if what you are looking for is not a family life, and to start living independently, Barranco may be your best option.

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Magdalena del Mar

Another of the best districts to live in Lima is Magdalena del Mar. One of the advantages of living in this district is its privileged location. It limits to the north with the districts of Pueblo Libre and Jesús María, to the east with San Isidro, to the south with the Pacific Ocean and to the west with San Miguel. Therefore, it is very close to everything you need such as shopping centers, stores, supermarkets, schools, and universities.

Lima is experiencing a real estate boom and in recent years has seen properties in some districts increase in value. This made Magdalena one of the most benefited areas. Therefore, despite not being in an expensive area of ​​the city, apartments tend to increase in value, which makes them a great option to buy and rent.

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This district has grown gradually through the development of large real estate projects and commercial areas. However, many of its streets preserve the tranquility of yesteryear and invite you to relax, breathe fresh air in its parks and enjoy a different natural environment.

Throughout the 52 km² through which this district extends you can find incredible green areas, recreation centers, urbanizations of different socioeconomic levels, as well as important institutions such as the United States embassy or the renowned tourist attraction Parque de la Amistad.

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