Perform a preliminary analysis and compare

The Superintendency of Banking, Insurance and Pension Funds (SBS) has a platform called Cost and Performance of Financial Products, which allows you to identify the prices of financial products including mortgage loans and choose them in an informed manner. Keep that information in mind before making the purchase of your new apartment.

Payment Facilities and Down Payment

Postpandemic, payment facilities and zerodown payment promotions became one of the most common options in the market, as they make the acquisition of a property viable and affordable and allow each individuals budget to be adjusted to monthly payments and, above all, help to carry out longterm financial planning.

Family Projection

Being sure how many people will live in your home is extremely important information to consider because it determines your current and future needs, as well as the space, comfort, and location of your new property. Avoid having to buy a larger apartment in a few years or the one you are looking to buy is too spacious for your needs.

Reputation of the real estate agency

Take into account the trajectory of the company with which you make the purchase of your next property, check information about them in different blogs and, if possible, consult with people around you or specialists. Remember that a reputable real estate agency will offer you confidence in your investment and reduce the risk of legal or construction problems.

The Location

This information is critical. Making sure you buy an apartment thats close to your work, major transportation stops, schools, shopping malls, hospitals, or other places you visit frequently will save you time and money.